Laurie M Marshall

Laurie M Marshall

Writer, blogger, Native Arkansan.

I live in Northwest Arkansas and write about travel, people, women's health, home and style, garden and food, and decorating with thrifted and repurposed finds.

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Ozark chinquapin survey article

The Ozark Chinquapin Tree: Reviving a Native | Only In Arkansas - Oct 2016

A century ago, the Ozark Chinquapin Tree (you might have heard it called an Ozark Chestnut) would have been a common sight as you wandered the forests of Arkansas.

Talya tate boerner bookstore article

Arkansas Author: Talya Tate Boerner | Only in Arkansas - May 2016

As Talya Tate Boerner was growing up on her family’s cotton farm in Northeast Arkansas, she says she didn’t really think about being a writer, but her love for English class and the habit she had for writing little stories in her journal indicate that the seed was planted pretty early on.

Pink house alchemy article

4 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas | Arkansas Made - Only In Arkansas - Feb 2016

As you’ve seen in several previous posts, an amazing number of Arkansans are busy in their workshops making delicious and beautiful things for us to give to our loved ones throughout the year.

Chrinoid illustration article

Fossils in the Ozark Mountains | Only In Arkansas - Feb. 2016

The mountain vistas of the Ozark Mountains may not make you think immediately of an ocean floor, but that’s exactly what much of our region was just over 300 million years ago.

Unexpected murals ana maria article

Unexpected Murals In Fort Smith | Only In Arkansas - March 2016

For many Arkansans, Fort Smith is a city full of historical significance, and they may know the stories of outlaws and hanging judges. But there’s a new breeze blowing in this river town that doesn’t include cowboy boots, unless they’re larger-than-life and painted on the side of a building.

Arkansas air and military museum jeep article

Little-known Museums in Arkansas | Only In Arkansas - March 2016

Arkansans with an interest in history have a wide range of historical sites and museums to choose from, but some are a little more familiar than others.

Blytheville greyhound bus station article

Get Your Passport for #AuthenticArkansas | Only In Arkansas - March 2016

Unfortunately, too many historic properties around the country have been lost to “development”. That loss of our nation’s architectural and cultural history led President Lyndon Johnson to sign the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) into law in 1966.

May 2016 cover wood article

Turn the Paige | Northwest Arkansas Entertainment Magazine - May 2016

When an artist is asked about their creative inspiration and first introduction to the concept of making art, they very often look to their family tree. Paige Ray, a photographer by training, credits her grandmother.

5971 emily lawson article

Getting the recipe right | Northwest Arkansas Entertainment Magazine - May 2016

Emily Lawson, co-founder of Pink House Alchemy, is part maker, part scientist and part “fake it ‘til you make it” guru. Basically, she embodies all the ingredients one might need to be a great entrepreneur.

Covers aymay16 article

Home: Open Hearts, Open Home |AY Magazine - May 2016

Now that their children are adults living out of state, it would be no surprise if they decided to downsize, but that was never in their plans.

April 2016 article

Art Scene: Arkansas - The Perfect Backdrop & Setting | AY Magazine - April 2016

Arkansas is a place of diverse landscapes, communities and people. Those are great assets for filmmakers looking for movie locations, and the list of films made in Arkansas gets longer each year.

March 2016 article

Art Scene: Exploring America Through the Lense | AY Magazine - March 2016

Packing the car, grabbing the camera and heading out on a road trip has been a staple of American culture for at least 90 years, as evidenced by Kodak print ads from the 1920s.

5965 mill st market article

Eat like you grew it | Northwest Arkansas Entertainment Magazine - April 2016

It’s farmers market season in Northwest Arkansas, and we are fortunate to have access to some of the best in the country.

Cover   feb 2016 article

Health: Heart Disease in Women | AY Magazine - Feb 2016

The number of Americans living with cardiovascular disease has decreased in this country since the late 1960s; however, heart attacks and strokes still kill 1 in 3 women in the United States every year.

Cover   jan 2016 article

Art Scene: Capturing Time | AY Magazine - Jan 2016

Sometimes artists have a burning desire to create from a young age and pursue it relentlessly ... For others, art begins as a hobby and takes on a life of its own after the artist quits his “day job.”